The best VoIP phone headsets for working remotely

You don't want to hear distracting noises from work, whether it's from a busy office or a home office. Wideband voice quality VoIP phone headset for chats More natural and clear than Microphone with good noise cancellation. Also you can choose the best VOIP headset for your customer care solution.

The best Call Center headsets for 2021

When you work in the customer care center, switchboard operator, office worker..., office headset is your valuable companion. But choosing a good call center headset that works is becoming increasingly difficult with the range of solutions and headset features available. Which call center headsets are rated as the best in 2021 and good for your business?

Jabra Evolve2 85 Headset Review

Experience superb sound quality in a noisy office with the Jabra Evolve2 85 headphones and you'll see focused workflow for conference calls. With Jabra Evolve2 85 with near "absolute" noise cancellation and the perfect choice for businesses

Educational headphones help children learn

When your school invests in audio equipment, you have a lot of factors to consider: the number of students you are buying, whether you will reuse the equipment each year, they will be used with those devices. Which device and how you buy it affects your budget. Educational headphones help children learn the considerations when buying headphones and choosing the best quality for headphones.

Top 7 headsets for teaching and learning online

The right headphones for online teaching and learning are not just lightweight, fun, friendly and affordable designs. The headset must also be safe for the user and also limit the volume level to protect the user's ears. The top online teaching and learning headsets that are good for teachers and students in 2021 are appreciated for their user experiences during the outbreak of Covid-19.

Jabra Evolve Series headset review

Controlling work and focusing on work in noisy environment is what many office workers, Sales, call centers encounter. With 69% of knowledge employees, offices, business ... working in noisy open office environments has a negative impact on their productivity. To solve that problem Jabra EVOLVE ™, you can create your own focus zone and improve your productivity.

Working from home with Jabra headphones

To better support users working from home, Jabra provides callcenter headphones, wired headphones, wireless ... which are trusted by users. Jabra headphones are very good noise-canceling products compatible with leading UC systems. You can use Jabra headphones at work, at home or even on your commute

How to choose headphones to study online

Headphones for online learning and teaching need not be expensive, sound good, but should be neat and comfortable to wear. The type of headset suitable for studying and working online are the headsets. Specialized headphone brands for online learning needs including Jabra, Plantronics, Logictech, FreeMate, Sennheiser ... always ensure the best quality as well as the best price.

Review Jabra Evolve 20

Are you teaching and learning online? Do you need good headphones for your teaching and learning? The headphones ensure good sound quality and noise cancellation. Jabra Evolve 20 are the headphones rated by teachers and students as best for teaching and learning online

Top best conversation headsets, online learning season Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic prevention, students have to stay home from school and study online, online but still have to ensure their academic results, by means of online. Headsets with microphones, realistic sound quality and quality, help students who are interested in talking with the best online teacher.

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