Jabra Evolve is one of the specialized earphones for Jabra conversation and online meeting. More specifically, users determine the quality of the two models Jabra Evolve 80 and Evolve 40
Unlike conventional headphones, the Jabra Evolve 80 and Evolve 40 are dedicated pairs of headphones for continuous high-intensity conversation. This callcenter headset is designed to optimize call quality with clear voice reproduction, high-quality recording mic, good noise resistance, long-term comfort, and especially good support. pass applications for business voice calling such as Skype For Business.
For jobs such as customer service staff, call center, phone agents, sales staff, etc., the frequent calling for customers makes them have to equip a dedicated headset to maximize optimal performance.
This type of headset is a little different from the regular headset when the built-in high-quality conversation mic, noise resistance, long wearing comfort and some special features for applications are available. like Skype For Business.
Evolve 80 and Evolve 40 are dedicated headphones for voice calling of Jabra, the famous Danish audio company. Aiming to be the ultimate device for work, this pair of headphones is packed with unique features while still committing to good entertainment.