With the desire at convenience for customers, Gtctelecom offers various forms of purchase to simplify the way to buy goods for you,

1 - Buy directly at the company
One of the most traditional ways to buy goods is that you can go to Gtctelecom's address to view and purchase directly. We always try to have a full range of items available for sale on the website so that you can come to see, demo, test and buy.
2 - Purchase by phone: Purchase by phone: You can call the hotline number: 024.777.99. 777. Service time from 8am to 6pm.
3 - Purchase by email: Customers will send required information about products or projects via email to contact @ gtctelecom. After receiving the message, we will respond as soon as possible.
4 - Ordering via online chat: You can chat and place an order with Gtctelecom via the skype chat nick that has been set by default at the Online Support section on the website. Service time is from 8am to 6pm on weekdays.