Freemate DH-039TFNB headphones

Freemate DH-039TFNB headset has micr for the phone, it provides great support tool for the telephones. Freemate DH-039TFNB headphones are noise-canceling, suitable for work, and can also be used for entertainment.

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FreeMate Headset DH-039TFNB is a 2-sided headset designed specifically for broadband VoIP phones. This headset has a nice design, durable and good performance and is quite solid. DH-039TFN headphones provide high-quality sound and help you focus more on calls. This is one of the best headphones for a noisy call center environment.
- Stylish, compact and lightweight
- Dynamic stereo headphones
- Sound shockproof
- Anti-electrostatic shock and microphone
- Noise canceling microphone to reduce background noise
Noise reduction speaker for clear sound
- Faux leather ear cushions and spongy, clothespins and windshield Microphone
- Soft headband for comfortable wearing style
Callcenter DH-039TFNB earphones come equipped with a microphone armored arm and aluminum housing for optimal placement. The noise-canceling and noise-canceling speakers differentiate the business class headphones. Besides, the FreeMate DH-39TFN headset gives the wearer a comfortable feeling with ear cushions and easily adjusts to the head size. Moreover, users can choose to wear the right or left mic because this is a one-sided headset.