FreeMate DH-037TFNB headphones

FreeMate DH-037TFNB is a dedicated binaural headset with high quality, dynamic design, youthful, suitable for use for Call Center. FreeMate DH-037TFNB headphones are sleek, easy to adjust

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FreeMate DH-037TFNB headset is a 2-sided headset dedicated to call and contact center using Korean technology. It is designed specifically for broadband VoIP phones. Especially, the FreeMate DH-037TFNB headset has a beautiful design, good performance and quite solid. Adding Callcenter DH-037TFNB earphone speaker to support broadband, phone all day without pain.
- Beautiful design, easy to adjust
- This is a line of headphones on both sides
- Smooth, good earpads make sense of use throughout the day
- Microphone and static noise suppress rapidly
- Clear voice sound quality, does not affect surrounding colleagues
- Lightweight adjustable durable headband
- Need mic can rotate 270 degrees
- Used for landline phones and ip phones
- Can be used with one type of Jack: 2.5mm Jack and RJ9 Jack
- Choose other types of cable such as USB, 3.5mm
- Integrated technology to protect the headset from loud sounds affecting the wearer
- Create an open and flexible working environment