FreeMate DH-037T headset

FreeMate DH-037T earphones sample compact single-sided headphones, durable, high-quality noise filtering microphone. FreeMate DH-037T call center headset is a smart investment that does not affect sound quality and durability

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FreeMate DH-037T headset is a specialized model for freemate calling and contact center. The specially designed DH-037T headphones deliver excellent sound quality, with a flexible boom microphone for optimal placement from the mouth and large ear cushions around outstanding noise. Moreover, this wired headset can be used with an IP phone.
- Headphones with one ear strap
- Micro rotation 320º
- Compatible with USB 2.0.
- Digital DSP technology, direct and clear VoIP audio
FreeMate DH-037T phone headset with microphone integrated advanced noise-canceling technology not only reduces the noise around the working environment, but also protects the user's ears from strong, harmful sound shocks.