FreeMate DH-035TFN headphones

The FreeMate DH-035TFN is a single, high-noise, noise canceling voip technology suitable for noisy callcenter environments. FreeMate Headset DH-035TFN wide compatibility, optimized for unified communications

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FreeMate Headset DH-035TFN is a 1-sided headset designed gently and aristocratically to create a beautiful elegance and practicality. FreeMate DH-035TFN with great sound, comfort when working all day. DH-035TFN callcenter headphones are ideal for noisy customer care centers.
- Professional headset for call center
- Noise filter noise filter
- Headset or detachable with one ear.
- Soft, flexible mouthpiece can be bent out, in, up, down
- Option 1 in type Jack connector: Jack 2.5mm and Jack RJ9
- Option to add other cable lines such as USB, 3.5mm
The telesale headset DH-035TFN is designed with modern technology.The DH-035TFN earphone speaker provides high quality sound and helps you focus more on the call. Moreover, users can choose to wear the right or left mic because this is a one-sided headset.