FreeMate DH-035T headphones

FreeMate DH-035T earphones can adjust the length and direction of the microphone arm for professional performance with outstanding durability. FreeMate DH-035T headphones are stylishly designed to help work longer

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FreeMate Headset DH-035T is a 1-ear headset designed for convenience, lightness and nobility. The premium FreeMate DH-035T combines clear, comfortable, and conversational sound throughout the day. With adjustable microphone DH-035T callcenter headset ensures accuracy from each other's voices
- Noise canceling microphone
- The UNICA Micro Bar is flexible and EXTENDED, very durable
- Microphone tube rotates 270º, adjust the area flexibly
- With sound shock protection
- Faux leather ear cushions and rubber sponge
- QD disconnect unit

Freemate's FreeMate DH-035T series headphones are designed for contact centers or online customer care systems. The headphones are equipped with leading noise cancellation technology but the price is very cheap compared to other headphones.
Great sound with technology that eliminates background noise and unwanted workplace sounds. In addition, the simple design of the DH-035T freemate headset helps users comfortably all day when wearing the headset to work all day.