FreeMate DH-026B headset

Standard FreeMate DH-026B USB headset provides excellent audio at both ends of the call, the standard connection for computers.

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FreeMate DH-026B USB headset is one of the standard sound quality headphones that meet the needs of users. Special DH026B-USB Headphones provide excellent broadband audio quality for use on PC Voice over IP. Its broadband audio ensures natural listening, and the sound shock protection system ensures maximum comfort in your communication.
Freemate DH-026B is a universal headset, designed for contact centers or online customer care systems. Headsets are equipped with leading noise-cancellation technology, but the price is very cheap compared to other headphones.
- Headphones designed solid, comfortable
- Microphone with sound shock resistance
- Easy to wear headband
- Compatible with USB 2.0
- Support mono / stereo 8/16-bit and record or play back up to 24 bits
- Microphone has the ability to orient to reduce background noise
- Large ear cushions ensure perfect communication
- Used for computers connected via USB
- Integrated DSP technology - digital signal process processing loud sound to help users experience a clear conversation
- Headphones with a cape or detachable worn on one ear.
- Flexible, flexible speaking tubes that can bend, in, up and down
- Support available 1 cable 3.5mm connected to mobile devices and accompanied by a USB cable connected to a computer