Fanvil HT202 headphones

Fanvil HT202 headphones noise canceling technology and wideband audio, it delivers crisp conversations and a more professional customer experience for every call. Fanvil HT202 phone headset dedicated for telesale, customer care center.

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Fanvil HT202 is a high quality binaural headset, which uses Fanvil's innovative audio technology to deliver clear sound and a great audio experience. Combined with a sleek design focused on comfort and durability, Fanvil HT202 headphones offer a new experience for call center experts.
- HD audio clarity
- Microphone noise cancellation
- Comfortable wear extended
- Advanced technology
- Durability
- Wide compatibility
HT202 call center headphones combine comfort, elegance and productivity all in one sentence. With foam pads wrapped in leatherette cushions, an adjustable hood and a rotating microphone, you'll undoubtedly find the perfect fit for maximum comfort while you work. The comfort in this headset does not lose durability. HT202 is made of high-quality materials and the design prevents the arm from exploding without breaking no matter how you turn it.