Fanvil HT201 headset

Fanvil HT201 is a headset that is suitable for office workers or call center staff. With noise-canceling technology and wideband audio, HT201 call center headphones deliver crisp conversations and a more professional customer experience for every call

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Fanvil HT201 is a stylish monotonous headset for office workers, SOHO or operator. Combined with noise cancellation technology and wideband audio, HT201delivers converse more clearly and provide a more professional customer experience on every call. HT201 has noise-canceling microphone technology to block background noise and aggressive breathing sounds, as well as firm and lightweight for comfortable all day long.
- Anti-vibration technology
- High-end audio
- Comfortable to wear
- Durability
- Compatible facilities
- ClarityMonaural / Binaural sound
- Compatibility with all Fanvil IP phones
Fanvil HT201 earphones have all-day comfort and long-lasting durability. Its rugged design uses premium materials that ensure maximum durability while being lightweight, giving you all-day comfort. It has a high quality leather-wrapped foam and swivel mic that allows each user to find the perfect fit